University of Peradeniya - University of Ragging

Mahaweli River is Sri Lankas’ longest river which is more than 400Km in length. The River Mahaweli flows right through the University of Peradeniya.

University of Peradeniya is one of the finest and most beautiful universities in the whole world. It has a daily expenditure of approximately 5 million rupees (Sri Lankan) to maintain its staff and massive land of about 800 hectares.

The river Mahaweli flows through the University of Peradeniya adding more beauty for its already beautiful environment. The campus is more a flower garden then a campus and a perfect surrounding for students to spend their university life.

The River Mahaweli separates the Engineering Faculty from the rest of the campus. But the Engineering Faculty is linked to the university via a bridge (which is named the Akbar Bridge) and the Peradeniya Bridge. The Akbar Bridge is dedicated for students and staff of the campus and the Peradeniya Bridge is used by vehicles mostly.

The University of Peradeniya is also famous for RAGGING of freshers. The words Ragging means Physical and Mental Torture of new students to UoP. Specially the Ragging is worse in the Faculties of Engineering , Science & Arts. The senior students torture the new entrants physically specially sexual harassment.

Majority of the Engineering Faculty academic staff members are against the RAG while some academic staff members in the Faculty of Engineering encourage the students' to get ragged. The academic staff who support the RAG DO NOT ALLOW the Faculty administration to take serious action against Raggers or to punish them or suspend them. I'll expose them in this blog later. The staff members who encourage the RAG are closely working with the Engineering Students' Union (ESU) which is branch of politically JVP backed Peradeniya Students' Union (PSU).

The Faculty of Engineering of the University of Peradeniya has the history of BRUTAL MURDER of Varapragash in 1998 due to inhuman ragging. He was seriously assulated by the name of RAG and brutelly murdered. Above incident tells the story of the existing form of ragging in the University of Peradeniya.

There's SERIOUS un answered question why the RAG in the University of Peradeniya hasn't stopped even after the MURDER of a Student ??? It has increased day by day. Few of the Universities in Sri Lanka like University of Moratuwa (Still exists in the NDT), University of Colombo (Few Faculties) was able to stop RAG completely.

More than all Sri Lanka has enforced a law in parliment to stop RAG & punish them who engage in RAG. But still it's NOT possible to stop RAG. WHY ???

Begining of Ragging Season @ E - Fac, Uni of Peradeniya

Well today (20th of June) is my first day at faculty ( My self, mother and father arrived at campus. I waited at the Akbar hall till they ended their breakfast and went with them to the hall (EOE Perara) where a speech was made.

There after we went to do a English placement test and I don’t think that it will be a big issue for me. The paper is to understand the level of knowledge in English of each student and give him/her appropriate guidance.

When it was lunch there were seniors were coming and asking for information on where I am and all that. Well that isn’t for good for sure but let’s see.

On the way back, I came to Kandy form a bus (with some other friends) and form there I was handed over to a 2nd year student to show me the stations. He he, it isn’t easy to get away from them. They are monitoring us to rag.

I am against ragging and will take counter steps to crack them down. It will happen, for that I guess I have to get in to their system and blow them in to pieces when it is time. Lot will have to suffer, but sooner or later they will get to their destinies.

Well it is about time. I want to get familiar with these people and soon blow the structure in to pieces. It is not because I hate them. But because I believe that the future has to be rescued at any and all cost.

It is like a suicidal mission, but it will be carried out and its impact would be felt all around the country. People will think of ragging twice before ragging any one.

RAG - Competition to Catch Fresher Girls & Boys by Seniors to have SEX

RAG is E- Fac UOP also considered as a competition beween seniors who badly want to catch the innocent boys & girls who come to E-fac. Senior students who are Girls & Boys do a lot of DOG works to impress the new Freshers who come to E-Fac. Freshers who are innocent & frightened by the Rag used to fall prey to the Dog works of Senior Students. Main reason for the Boys to fall prey to this act was to be safe from inhuman Rag by the Seniors. However these Fresher girls & boys ruin their lifes by getting involved with the Dog seniors who only want sexual satisfaction from the fresher boys & girls.

This activities common for all Tamil, Sinhala & Muslim senior students & Fresher students.

As soon as the Fresher Girl or boy say "YES" to the proposal by the Senior as per PSU & ESU Rules & Regulations both of them go to " Lover's Lane". This SU's also violate the fundamentals of our Sri Lankan cultures. For example the PSU which governs the Sinhala Students has a rule as soon as a couple get hitched they have to go to Lover's Lane & have sex to show Uni of Pera community that they have an affair. Usually the couple is accompanied by a group of students upto Lover's Lane. They become witness of sex between couple. Later on the same night both Man & Women has to under go full mud wash in the respective halls of residence. It clearly shows that if a couple begin an affair they have to start with SEX. Is this what our parents thought us or our culture. Both of them are FORCED to have SEX by the so called Culture of PSU.

Most of the couples break up after the RAG season since the sole intension of Rag was to Enjoy Sex from Fresher Girls & Boys. Fresher Girls & Boys ruin their lifes by having sex with senior Girl or boy just for the sake of SEXUAL satisfaction !!!

Specially the Senior E-Fac Girls are famous for Sexual harresment agaist fresher boys. They want to have sexual satisfaction with with several innocent fresher boys while they have boy friends in other batches. TERRIBLE to SEE THE UNIVERSITY CULTURE...

What a SHAME for Sri Lankan Culture preserved by JVP backed PSU !!!!

Peddle a cycle - Ragging @ Uni of Pera

I don't think that there would be any one who hasn't paddle a bike. Well there is some thing different about this type of a bike ride. Actually it isn't a bike ride but a psycho bike ride. You don't ride a bike at all in this case and it is part of ragging that takes place in the Akbar canteen of the Engineering Faculty - University of Peradeniya.

When you are seated in the chair you are asked to do the action of some one peddling a bike. It is crazy isn't it? But it exists as a form of ragging through out universities in the country.

One so called senior asked one of my batch mates to do it and his reaction was the finest any thing could be.

He started paddling at the pace the senior asked him to paddle and carried on for some time. There after he was paddling the bike quite hard. The senior whom was puzzled asked "Junior, what's happening?". My friend replied "dear senior sir, its a hill. I am finding it difficult to paddle". The senior smiled and kept watching. There after he paddled quite freely and yet the senior asked the same question. "dear senior sir, the climb is over and now it is flat land" he said in reply.

Finally he sat back and relaxed. The senior was dammed thinking that the junior didn't follow his orders. He asked "Why the heck are you relaxing?". He said, "dear senior sir, I am going down hill and the other village is right at the bottom of the hill". The senior was pissed but as the answer was perfect, he could do nothing.

Every one enjoyed the scenario and it became one of the scenes I never will forget.

Well, have you come across any thing like this? Let me know.

Change of side: I’m with the Muslims :: RAG MADE THE CHANGE

I have been with the Sinhalese since the beginning of the ragging at E - Fac, University of Peradeniya. There are 3 groups in the Akbar Halls of Residence and Canteen.

  1. Sinhalese
  2. Tamils
  3. Muslims

The Sinhalese are the largest in number. It comes to an approximate 210 boys and 39 girls. Thereafter are the Tamils and finally the Muslims. There are 35 Muslim boys in the Akbar excluding me.

I had some problems staying with the Sinhalese and as a so called Sinhalese senior had requested me to contact Muslim seniors; I was interested in making a conversation. A couple of days later at the gym I met Imash whom is a Muslim in my batch. We had a chat and there after I got to know some more Muslim boys and they asked me to come have lunch with them.

Thereafter I was able to find and be with the Muslim brothers for the first time. Since then I am with the Muslims and the Sinhalese have been trying to make a scene out of it. It may be because all the Kurunegala students go and join the Sinhalese. But I am not going to change my position. Sinhalese are the Majority but I'm not afraid of those Sinhalese.

There is a threatening point that is brought by the some Sinhalese seniors.

  1. I will be with a small group
  2. I will not be able to have a Kuppi (will explain later)
  3. Will get neglected by both sides

They call to be massive than the Muslims and I agree that in number it's true. But qualitatively they are wrong. I can be deadly as any man could be and surely can take down a large number of students in a fight. There is lot about me, nobody knows.

This was the first time i felt Sinhalese students who come to University of Peradeniya are RACISTS or made RACISTS by so called Senior Students. I felt the country is going from bad to worse.

A Kuppi is sort of a class held by seniors to help the juniors who don't understand a subject or to have a better understanding. They say I will be a failure without it. I promise to challenge them in this matter. I have always studied alone and am sure that I can carry it on.

They say that I will get neglected by both sides. I have felt a very warm welcome from the Muslims. That attention is more than enough and they are helping me to study my religion. That's all I'd been looking for and that's worth any trouble that I have to face. It is because I aim the real world and to be able to achieve it. This imaginary world has no effect on me, I would like to live a luxurious life though. My priority is haven and only haven.

Other than that I am now going to the Mosque and no one is forcing me. Isn't that enough for a strong example for a positive change?

I am now with my kind. I may be Malay and the rest to be Moore. But that's not a problem as both of us are Muslim brothers and sisters.

Anti-Raggers been assaulted Bravo

There is a long history for collisions between raggers and anti-raggers in the University of Peradeniya. The Raggers believe that they are strong brave men, but that belief is very controversial. I hope to explain about the claims of these raggers in a future documentary. But reading this article, you could imagine the difference of the 2 groups and see who the real brave is.

Talking about the Engineering faculty 2007 Batch (I am a student of the 2007 batch) there are about 65 Anti-Raggers and about 360 Raggers. I am sure you know the math that is necessary to calculate who is the big side?

This large side always attempts to prevent the Anti-raggers form using University Facilities. Anti Raggers are better than the most Raggers in the case of Education and sports.

Recently when these Anti Raggers were on their way back to the faulty form the Gym they had been assaulted by the Raggers. This may not be exactly what happened, but something similar.

A group of about 60 raggers had scolded them with raw filth and had assaulted those causing physical injuries. The brave raggers had thrown stones and objects towards a small group of girls. It is reported to even gone in News Papers. What a shame.

Who do you think are the brave? It is for the first time I have seen that it takes a big number of armed brave men to scare a small group of cowards. I leave it to you to label who is brave, the Raggers or the Anti Raggers.

Rakia Al-Gassra of Bahrain & Univerisity of Peradeniya Students Culture

I am a Sri Lankan Muslim who isn’t much interested in Sports. But I am a fan of Rakia Al-Gassra. When she is on the track, I support her than those who run representing my country. Why do I support Al-Gassra? Let me tell you why.

Well we Sri Lankans also cover most of our bodies and don’t act like the sluttish west. But this Susanthika Jayasinghe and the rest wear like they are going to have sex in the track, which I disgust a lot. They can easily war some thing long and as far as I am concerned it will have very little effect and Al-Gassras’ achievements are proof for this.

Al-Gassra of Bahrain honers her traditions (of her country) and religion. Thats the person who earn my respect.

In the name of Allah, The most gracious and most merciful, i pray that my heroine Rakia Al-Gassra of Bahrain will win a Gold meddle.

At university of Peradeniya basically there are three student unions (SU).
  1. Sinhala Students' Union (Peradeniya Students Union - PSU)
  2. Tamil Students' Union
  3. Muslims' Students' Union
All these SU's has branches of its representation in each faculty like ESU (Engineering Students' Union) for Sinhala students' in E-fac. They formulate rules & regulations to favour their own benefits and force the students' to follow.

Rag – Drinking the Standard Way

In countries such as Sri Lank, Pakistan and Bangladesh etc ragging prevails in universities, higher education centers etc. In countries such as India which also was under the influence of ragging some time ago (in educational institutes) has now been stopped.

I am a under graduate in the University of Peradeniya, one of the most prestigious universities in the world (formed almost 60 years ago by the British governing and which has an area of 800 hectares of land) . It is one of the finest universities in the world, but is infected by ragging which brings dishonor to the institutes’ good name.

How do you drink tea form a tea cup? You will hold the cup from the one hand and sip the tea form the side closest to you. Well although you think it is the standard way, it isn’t in the campus. You have to drink it form the other side of the cup. That is almost impossible as you chin will be in the tea before your lips.

Well this is the stupid mentality of engineers in the Engineering Faculty of University of Peradeniya. What an engineering way of drinking tea? How can such crazy people be of good to the country?

here is only one thing I have to wish. God bless Sri Lanka. Unless his intense blessing, I am sure this country wouldn’t be running (because of such mentally ill engineers and other graduates).


UNIFUSION – the Peradeniya University Music Society’s all faculty evening of rhythm and dance – had many beats to it this time. The most irritating of these was a band of dissenters sent there (?) by what we believe is the / a hand of the Students’ Union, which has differences with an alternative student-political ideology represented by part of the Organizing Committee of UNIFUSION.

It is an acknowledged fact that English-related activities and programmes organized by alternative, non-Students’ Union bodies at Peradeniya are “not approved” by the censorious “big brother rules” agenda of the SU. These programmes, therefore, musical or otherwise, have to “face the music” if the SU decides to “play”. And this evening, so to speak, was one of them.

The commencing of the programme itself was delayed when an alleged SU backed faction consisting students from the Engineering and Arts faculties came and demanded admittance to the theatre for Rs. 20. This was in spite of the tickets being already priced at Rs. 50 for students. In their view, it was atrocious and against university policy to charge a student more than Rs. 20. Anyways. They also complained that posters announcing UNIFUSION – which were put up around campus and town early this week – were pasted over SU posters that promoted a “blood donation” which the SU is said to have organized. So, the compensation, by their logic, was to force into the show and to call for blood.

And blood, indeed, was their call – as the organized body of dissenters, sitting in the back rows of the EOE Pereira theatre launched into a medley of chants, hoots, interruptions, shouts and boisterous clapping while the items were being presented. The performers, however, held an iron nerve and concrete guts as not to be disturbed or “put off” by the rowdy saboteurs. The announcer remarked that the misbehaving section was “a disgrace to the university” and that the show will go on for the benefit of “the disciplined parties” present.

The evening was a magnifique fusion of diverse styles, cultures, genres braced by the rich talent of the performers. The items included solo singing, many a colourful dance item, a couple of groovy skits and a refreshing mix of music from the 60s to alternative rock and hip hop. The show, which was initiated last year, was meant to fuse together the many styles – bringing on to one stage the diversity of culture(s) and the “sense” of art that is around us. And true to the word, tonight’s show cut across a rich variety of Sinhala, Tamil, English, Latin, Classical, Hindi “cultures” – bringing together generations of creative will on a 21st Century stage.

But, of course, the Students’ Union proxies had to cock up their politically prejudiced, parochial pistols and keep on interrupting. By the time the 5th item was on there were almost 40 dissenters seated in the back rows of the EOE. Most of them are alleged to be First Year students from the Engineering Faculty, joined by “crack troops” from Arts (Usually, as per SU fetish of “structure”, the First Year kids get to do the laundry of the Seniors). However, the sad part for the dissenters was that not many were too bothered by them, as the performers got on with their hard-rehearsed acts.

Where metaphors fail, deeds speak out loud.

The audience, too, backed up the performers giving them warm applause and by clapping in rhythm of the singing on stage. So, being badly let down, the dissenters tried their last card by attempting to rouse a riot inside the house. A group of the rioters initiated their own “talent show” making marauding gestures and flapping their hands all around accusing a section of the audience for, with the aid of a mobile phone, having “videoed their dissent”.


I mean, surely, if they were not violating any law or breaking any ethical codes, why should they be thus worried that their mayhem making was taped?

However, what followed was a disturbing and violent spat of words – as the vent of the dissenters’ frustration got thrown all over the audience consisting of faculty, fathers, mothers, family members of students, kids and outsiders. And it stank.

The security division was, then, summoned and with some of the organizers committing, and with an overall delay of 20 minute, the dissenters were finally led out of the EOE theatre. The writer is not 100% aware as to what exactly caused the dissenters to agree to leave – but, in the final analysis it so happened that they came, they saw….and they had to leave.

While the din was on, the Organizing Committee, one felt, did an excellent job not letting things get totally out of hand – and, by not reacting to the intruders. Applause should also go to the two announcers, Ms. Hashintha Jayasinghe and Mr. Arshed Fazal for keeping their heads up under pressure and for handling it all coolly.

The evening resumed and the rest of the programme went on uninterrupted. But, it is nothing less than the utter misfortune of the country that agents such as the SU of a leading University – an agent who has legitimacy and a politically recognized position within the Establishment – act in such lowly gestures. Clearly, UNIFUSION has to be appreciated, at least, at two levels:

  1. For bringing together the eight faculties of the University for an active evening of performance art.
  2. For opening up a creative forum as the meeting point of diverse cultures, diverse “senses” and for pushing the horizons of creativity – both conceptually and practically.

Art has no language. And even if it did have one, our belief is that it would be shades different from the language of a parochial little group that, while sucking out of the nipple of a political party based in Battaramulla, assumes the name of Students’ Union. Of course, in a dynamic and active society we all encounter problems whether we work in tandem with, abreast of or against one another. But, the solutions to these issues have to be sorted out in ways that, in the end, the solution would be a solution.